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Say it Again is a kinetic adult visual novel. It is an unconventional love story between Shizue; a lonely, socially challenged adult content creator and her new roommate Clementine; A fun loving, energetic art student, who has a few dark secrets of her own.


  • 1800+ Renders
  • 64 animated scenes
  •  3-4 hours of content

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withBlender, Ren'Py
TagsAdult, Cute, Erotic, Kinetic Novel, Lesbian, LGBT, Romance, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionAbout an hour


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This story hit me so hard , i love it . The hole story was so relateble and great written, i was  laughing, touched , scared and in the end i was so sad, that is was over . 

Reale great work and Thank you for this fantastic Game <3 

I hope you bring more storys in this direction .


Holy fuck, this is crazy good. I'm more for cute hard stories ala Scrub Diving but this fucking nails what it's reaching for. The art style is grade A, a few oddities in the ankles but otherwise spectacular (and even then it's barely noticeable as you get used to the style), it's a great mix of realism and caricature, all the characters are sexy and good looking. One note that really sells them feeling more real is that they actually change clothing, seemingly such a small thing but it adds so much even so since so few games (at least that I play) have characters change clothes. The audio was... jarring? It was strange to have menu music but nothing in the way of audio period during the actual vn; that's no minus, just odd. The characters are so well written, I relate so hard to Clem, being an SM degen lesbian (not so much on the penetration thing but still), and Shizue feels like such a real character with her conflictions and feelings through and through. The two of them are adorable together and while I want to see more safe SM with these two, the ending is really well placed; it could do with a tad more graduality or epilogue sorta thing but still magnificent. I have to admit that I had a horrified look on my face when that one crucial near-end scene happened but it's such a good moment and I love its conclusion (even if it was scary in the moment). Only gripe (a minor one but still) is the random het scene with Vanessa; it's not bad I don't think, honestly I rapidly clicked through it because... I just don't like that stuff, it adds to her character but she's hardly utilized later on, just forgotten. 

All in all absolutely amazing and one I really like; if more lesbian SM stuff is made by this author, I'll definitely read it! And even if the author goes on to het or elsewise, this quality is great and will shine no matter the subject matter. Serious recommendation from me! I'm putting this one on my favourites list for sure. Thank you Gaerax for making this amazing experience! Here's to your work in the future! Cheers!


Thanks for the kind words 😊

Such great writing - natural dialogue, really engaging characters and some very funny moments in amongst the smut. Nice job


So, these are my 5 cents on the final version of the game. I have bitter sweet feelings about this game...

The sweet part. SayItAgain is one of my two favorite VN adult games ever. Graphically I like the characters, very well embraced in the environment, with well made body and facial expressions... a very good job in creating something different and original.

Also the story. You created a very good background for each character, that justifies the way they behave and interact with each other, engaging in behaviours of discovery, and you did it very well. You managed to take the player in a journey on a very well acomplished way, where one can give total attention to the story without loosing on endless options or branches... congratulations for that.

And now the bitter part. These 4 chapters feel like the perfect prologue. You created an amazing story for this girls, and now that bounderies and feelings are set and ready for this relation to expand and create a magnificent story... you end it.

I can only imagine the work you had in creating this VN, really.... my congrats to you for it, but now that you created the base for a great novel, you decide to end it. I could only ask for you to consider not to end it now, and if you want I can give you my thoughts on ideas to continue this amazing VN.

Once again, congratulations from this huge fan!


I have to second your opinion on wanting to see more.

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Congrats on your work! Love the story, and the characters. You have done an amazing job.


Why do you disable the load and save function ?

Because I'm dumb. It will be back in the final release.

I re-enabled it for myself. 

I really like the story and the characters!!

Cute And Sexy 

Lol Love the References and the Game in General! Keep up the good work

good game man. keep it up cant wait to see what you do.

really enjoy this. :you have done a fantastic  job


I really love the game, I don't care much about character design but the story is making me happy and smile at the same time. This is so good, please keep doing it.

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I haven't yet tried the game, but judging by the screenshots, I will say that the 3D character models look slightly strange.  I'm not an artist, so I can only say that looking at the screenshots they don't look quite right to me.